Racial Justice Videos

In the Peace & Justice Center’s Community Library we have a variety of films that people can check out. Here are some of the ones that relate to Racial Justice:

American Experience: Freedom Riders
A Film by Stanley Nelson
120 min

Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot

40 Minutes


Fruitvale Station
Dir. Ryan Cooglar
85 Minutes

Booker’s Place
2012, Raymond De Felitta
91 Minutes

American Promise
2014, Joe Brewster , Michèle Stephenson
120 Minutes

Spies of Mississippi
2014, Dir. Dawn Porter, PBS
60 Minutes

White Like Me

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners
2012, Dir. Shola Lynch
102 Minutes

Death of a Prophet-Malcom X
1981, Dir. Woodie King, Jr., Starring Morgan Freeman
60 Minutes

King: A Filmed Record- Montgomery to Memphis
1970, Produced by Ely Landau
181 Minutes (2 Discs)

Good Hair
2009, Dir. Jeff Stilson, feat. Chris Rock
96 Minutes

Uncounted:The New Math of American Elections
2007, Dir. David Earnhardt
80 Minutes

Raising Hope:The Equal Voice Story
2011, Dir. Maria Bures
56 Minutes (Also contains “Maria Full of Hope” [17 Minutes])

The Kite Runner
2007, Dir. Marc Forster
127 Minutes


White Like Me
2013, Tim Wiss
68 minutes



Haiti Rising: Celebrating The First Black Republic


Here are some other online videos that relate to Racial Justice:

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