Gender Equality Films

In the Peace & Justice Center’s Community Library we have a variety of films that people can check out. Here are some of the ones that relate to Gender Equality:

The Invisible War
2012, Dir. Kirby Dick
97 Minutes

Iron Jawed Angels
2004, Dirs. Katja Von Garnier, Starring Hilary Swank
124 Minutes

The Motherhood Manifesto
2006, Dir. Laura Pacheco
Party Cut (45 Minutes), Director’s Cut (60 Minutes)

For My Wife
2008, Dir. David Rothmiller
60 Minutes (Also contains “Shades of Gray” [57 Minutes])

Half The Sky
2012, Dir. Maro Chermayeff
240 Minutes, 2 Discs

14 Women
2007, Dir. Mary Lambert
79 Minutes

The Queen and I
2008, Dir. Nahid Persson Sarvestani
90 Minutes (Also contains “Cyanosis” [30 Minutes])

2008, Dirs. Meg Mclagan & Daria Sommers
81 Minutes

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners
2012, Dir. Shola Lynch
102 Minutes

Maria Full of Hope

Women War & Peace
2011, Abigail E. Disney, Pamela Hogan, Gini Riticker

Pray the Devil Back to Hell
2008, Abigail E. Disney & Gini Reicker

Peace X Peace: Click here to watch trailer of PEACE X PEACE’s “Connecting Women for Peace” Outreach Message featuring one woman from the U.S. and one woman from Baghdad who connected through the PEACE X PEACE Global Network.


Journey to a Hate Free Millennium
1999, Dirs. Brent Scarpo & Martin Bedogne
70 Minutes

Um Beijo para Gabriela

Here are some other online videos that relate to Gender Equality:


  1. Your gender equality films aren’t about equality. You support feminism which is discriminatory and subjugation. Where are the film’s supporting equality for men? Withiut those films on your website, you look like hypocrites. Where is your support for international men’s day? Where is your outrage over men who are denied their children just because they are men?

  2. I invite you to review the film “The Mask You Live In” a film we recently screened that discusses societal affects upon modern masculinity (particularly among young men). It’s a powerful and evocative film that was attended by MANY men in our community (including myself). Additionally, the Peace & Justice Center’s founding principles dictate that we address oppression in all of it’s forms and lately we are taking a particularly close look at gender equality and the politics of privilege.

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