Environmental Justice Videos

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In the Peace & Justice Center’s Community Library we have a variety of films that people can check out. Here are some of the ones that relate to Environmental Justice:

Yucca Mountain: The Making of an Underground
1995, Department of Energy
12 Minutes

Living Downstream
2010, Dir. Chanda Chevannes
[2 Discs] 85 Minutes (Feature-Length), 55 Minutes (One Hour Version)

An Inconvenient Truth
2006, Dir. Davis Guggenheim
96 Minutes

Children of the Tsunami
2012, Dir. Dan Reed
60 Minutes (Also contains “After the Tsunami” [29 Minutes])

Vanishing of the Bees
2009, Dir. George Langworthy & Maryam Henein
90 Minutes (Also contains “Pollen Nation” [25 Minutes])

Running Dry
Jim Thibaut

2012:Time For Change
2010, Dir. Joao Amorim
85 Minutes (Also contains “Imagine It!” [52 Minutes])

2008, Dir. Josh Tickell
111 Minutes (Also contains “Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century” [26 Minutes])

Earth Dance
17 short films

Entheo: Genesis
2 short films, 70 min & 58 min

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