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  • AprilMayJune2017: The Gift of Troubled Times; New Board Members Lam Phan, Mache Chase, and Jaada Longmore; Black History: The Continued Struggle; Natioanl Bird; Building Consensus for Peace; Book Review: War is a Lie; Out with Private Prisons; Books Briefly: Seven Journeys Through Time.
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch2017: Standing Rock is my Home; An Activist Hub in a Turbulent Time; PJC Buses to Women’s March on Washington; Standing Rock: Learning from the Ancestry; Beyond the Safety Pin; PJC’s 2017 Ed Everts Peace & Social Justice Activist Award Party; International Women’s Day; Bananeras Book Review; Robin’s Nest: Voices in Resistance.
  • OctoberNovemberDecember2016 With your support we do a lot; Clean Elections Project; Goodbye Paij; Clemmons Family Farm; Muslim Girls Making Change; Twinklings: Peace at Birth; New Vendor: Association
    Culturelle Kaouritel of Niger; Why we need Universal Background Checks.
  • JulyAugustSeptember2016 Third Graders Study Nonviolent Conflict Resolution; Local Inspiration: Selene Colburn; Seeing Whiteness; Fair Trade Conference; Preparing for a Just Transition; Volunteers for Peace;Housing Discrimination Investigators Wanted; Fracked Gas Pipeline/Geprags Park; What Color is Justice?
  • AprilMayJune2016 Peace Education Programs; PJC and ECHO: XOXO; Doug Dunbebin; PJC Summer Internships; Bert Thompson; Cracking the Fair Trade Label; 2016 Legislative Review (Paid Sick Leave; Marijuana Legalization; Electronic Communications Privacy Act); Black Lives Matter Vermont House Resolution; Book Suggestions for Young People (Return to Sender; A Long Walk to Water; Number the Stars; X the Novel) Robin’s Nest: Women and the War on Drugs; Calendar
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch2016 Peace Education Programs; Vintage Bernie Poster Raffle; PJC Resolution on Drones; Sample Town Meeting Resolution on Drones; Building My Understanding of Nonviolence and Racial Justice; Bread & Puppet’s Latest Touring Show; One Billion Rising Conference; Puerto Cabezas/Burlington Sister City’s Latest Project; World Powers Tangle in Syrian Quagmire; His/Her No More Gender Neutral Language.
  • OctoberNovemberDecember2015 New PJC Board Members; Revisiting Columbus Day in VT; Fair Trade Month; Educational Programs Catalog; The Palestinian Violin Sings Out.
  • JulyAugustSeptember2015 Talk to ; Support and Defend the Constitution; Speaking Truth to Power at the UN; Mindfullness; VT Criminal Justice Reform; Mujeres de Maiz; Most Dangerous Women.
  • AprilMayJune2015 Domestic Drone Regulation; Let Cops Be Cops; Support and Defend the Constitution; Speaking Truth to Power at the UN; Mindfullness; VT Criminal Justice Reform; Mujeres de Maiz; Most Dangerous Women.
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch2015 Beyond Elections/I Vote VT; Bellwether School Fights for Fair Trade; Hands to the Fire: Rebellion Spreads from Ferguson and Ayotzinapa tot he Zapatistas; Fourth Amendment-Surveillance Drones; TPP Update; WWI and the Christmas Truce; A Message of Hope from Stop the F-35; The Story Behind Matr Boomie.
  • OctoberNovemberDecember2014 Undoing Racism in VT Schools; New Faces at PJC; PJC Response to Shooting of Michael Brown; Composting Toilets in Haiti; Environmental Justice & PJC; Mental Stress of Drone Pilots; The Silence of Rape is Breaking; Happiness Walk; Julia Alvarez; Activist Award for Migrant Justice
  • JulyAugSept2014 The Trans-Pacific Partnership: an Assault on Workers; Fight for the Light! A response to the film Shadows of Liberty; Opening the White Curtains; The Haunted in Waziristan; Reflections on Vermont’s First Loving Day and Growing up Multiracial; Left Forum 2014; Greenpeace Non-Violent Direct Action Camp; Positive Changes at Perkins HallAprilMayJune2014 Fair Trade; WWI 100th Anniversary; Letter to UVM Board; International Law; Peace ROTC; Drone poem; Nonviolence Training
  • JanFebMarch2014 Focus on Drones; The Story of the Reference for Radicals; Fair Trade Chocolate Helps Monkeys; The Trans-Pacific Partnership; FOI and the F 35; Honduras Elections
  • OctNovDec2013  PJC Hires Executive Director: Rachel Siegel; Cost of War 2014: focus on Drones; Fair Trade labels; Agitate!; Freedom & Unity: the Vermont Movie; Hiroshima & Nagasaki; Youth Building a Peaceful World
  • JulyAugSept2013 Building Connections; Cost of War Speaker and Film Series; Ed Aloysius Everts; The Art of Social Justice;  Burlington’s Livable Wage Ordinance; A Race to the Bottom;  African History as Told by Africans;
  • April-June 2013 Upcoming Cost of War Events; Fair Trade Campaigns and the Global Movement; Drone Strikes; Commission on the Status on Women; The Invisible Women; Social Forum 2013: Tunisia; Educate a Girl and She Will Change the World
  • Jan-Mar 2013
    Cost of War Series 2013; Livable Wage Forum; Nonviolent Communication Workshops; Making Whiteness Visible; Predictions; Amor a la Vida cooperative; Fair Trade Split
  • Oct-Dec 2012
    New PJC Staff; Fair Trade Artisan from Guatemala visits Burlington area; Talking About Race; VIAA; Save Our Skies VT
  • July-Sept 2012
    Cost of War Speakers: Bill McKibben and Leah Bolger; The Pipeline & the People; Vessells of Change; Marmete Hayes; Voter ID Laws; Super PAC’s
  • Apr-June 2012
    Rumors of War: IRAN;  In Solidarity with Women; Occupy Burlington 4 page insert; Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/ Israel; Dante’s speech at the Trayvon Martin Rally.
  • Jan-Mar 2012
    Cost of War Film & Speaker Series; Corporations are not People; 4 page insert of Occupy Solidarity News; Creating Opportunities; Shut Down Vermont Yankee.
  • Aug-Dec 2011
    Campaign to End Forced Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry; Occupy Wall Street Statement; Pax Christi Burlington’s 30th Anniversary
  • April-July 2011
    Board Update: Support Fair Trade; An American Autumn; Experiment in Democracy
  • January/February/March 2011 Message from the Board; Lockheed Martin; Peace Economy; Corporate Personhood
  • November/December 2010 Defense Money in VT; New PJC Board Members; Women of Afghanistan; Overview of the 10 phases of the Vermont Job Gap Study; photos from the Annual Meeting
  • October 2010New PJC staff, Are Drones Legal?, African Military Connection, Dear Hillary, 10.10.10 Event, F-35
  • September 2010
    Goodbye messages from Wendy Coe and Jennifer Reay, Board Message, Congo, ONE Nation march on DC
  • August 2010
    Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemorations, Detroit Social Forum
  • June/July 2010
    Water, Uncommon Alliance, Michael Ruppert, Legislative Update, Van to US Social Forum
  • May 2010
    Honoring the PJC Mothers: Wendy Coe & Robin Lloyd, SOAW in  El Salvador, Beyond GDP, Use GPI for VT, F 35 Jets
  • April 2010
    Youth Activist Institute; Oscar Romero, Farm to Plate, Gross National Happiness, Ron Krupp.
  • March 2010
    Paid Sick Days, Haiti, Patrick Brown, Iraq Anniversary, Questioning Afghanistan.
  • February 2010
    Urgent Appeal to Membership, Honoring Staff, New Job Gap Study.
  • January 2010
    Martin Luther King, Afghanistan, Vermont Action for Peace.
  • November/December 2009
    Tax facts, Advancing women as peacemakers, Racial Justice report update.
  • October 2009
    Paid sick days, Remembering John Tucker, Fair Trade Month.
  • September 2009
    PJC New direction, A new Vermont economy, A world citizen inspired by the stars.
  • August 2009
    Activist award recipients, Vermont Economic Progress Council, The Legacy of Champlain.
  • June/July 2009
    Meet the PJC’s new Executive Director, Kids4Peace, Economic Justice update.
  • May 2009
    Champlain’s 400th, Elder basic needs, Exporting the occupation.
  • April 2009
    Helen Caldicott visits Vermont, Where your income tax goes.
  • March 2009
    Bailout people not banks, New livable wage figures, Green Mountain Film Festival.
  • February 2009
    Paid sick day study, Agro-industrial complex, Inauguration thoughts.
  • January 2009
    Springsteen’s inspiration, Financial crisis, PJC 30th Anniversary.
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  • October 2008
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