How to Make a Diamond Kite

  1. Take a big piece of lightweight newspaper and draw a perfect square on it.
  2. Open the paper and place your wooden dowel vertically on the fold line to make the spine.
  3. Place another dowel horizontally across the first dowel above the center of the paper to make the spar, forming 90-degree angles with the spine Secure the two dowels together by reinforcing the intersecting area with string and tape. You may also want to use a glue gun to ensure that the frame is securely attached.
  4. Place dowel along the edges attach them securely to the paper. Alternatively, tie strings to the two main dowels and connecting all corners along the edges. Glue and tape string into folded edges. Cut off all the excess paper.
  5. After you’ve secured the kite structure, reinforce the kite by adding more tape to the edges and center of the kite.
  6. Make two holes in the tape holding the vertical dowel in the middle, a few inches above the center point to prepare to tie a string to the dowel. Next, use the same method to make two more holes below the centerline.
  7. Feed a string through both sets of holes and tie them to the dowel on each end leaving a little slack, creating the keel of the kite.
  8. Use a strip of cloth attached to the bottom of the kite to make a tail for the kite. This helps the kite to fly with added stability.
  9. Tie a long string to the keel string, which you will hold to control and fly your kite. You may have it rolled up on a piece of wooden broom handle. Now your creation is ready to fly!

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