From ‘Human Rights Hero’ to Facing Deportation

Danilo Lopez is a farmworker organizing with Migrant Justice/ Justicia Migrante — a migrant worker organization that defends human rights in Vermont — and he is facing deportation.

This Thursday, 6/27 get on the Migrant Justice bus for the Not One More Deportation Rally with a send off rally in Burlington, VT in the morning; then off to Burlington MASS ICE detention Center for a regional action in the afternoon! Contact 802-658-6770 or for more information.
Please send an e-mail to ICE, and ask them to use prosecutorial discretion to allow him to stay.
He was placed in deportation in 2011, just 3 weeks after leading the first ever migrant farm workers’ press conference at the Vermont state house. When his friend was driving and was pulled over for speeding, the police focused his questions on Danilo and his cousin, asked his immigration status, and called Border Patrol.
Since then, Danilo has been fighting for human rights every day. His organizing after the 2011 incident led to a new state policy that prohibits the use of state resources for immigration enforcement. For this and other work, he was awarded the “Vermont Human Rights Hero” award.

The entire Congressional Delegation from Vermont wrote letters of support for his case. Senator Leahy even noted that he could qualify for immigration reform.

However immigration still tells Danilo to leave the community by July 5th — but he want to fight to stay to continue supporting fellow farmworkers, and to demonstrate that when we come together as a community, we can fight against ALL deportations.
Please tell ICE that you support Danilo’s struggle to remain in the country, and continue to be a civil rights leader in Vermont.

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